Message from Superintendent Bohn regarding district growth

May 2, 2017


Dear LISD Parents,

As I have shared with you before, the school district has experienced unexpected and significant growth (6%)  in our student population this school year. The district works closely with a professional demographer to track the growth and plan for adjustments to ensure the best use of our resources, space, and facilities─capacity─to absorb the growth and maintain the best possible learning environments for our students.

At the Board of Trustees meeting last week, the Board took several measures to ensure the best use of our capacity to take care of our students’ needs.

Boundary Change Affecting Planned New Subdivisions in Clear Fork and Bluebonnet Zones

Bluebonnet Elementary is reaching capacity, which means it has experienced so much growth that the use of its capacity to serve students is at a level that makes it virtually impossible to absorb more growth.

The Board approved adjusting the attendance zone boundary line between Bluebonnet and Clear Fork to limit future student growth at Bluebonnet. The planned housing developments in that area will now be in the Clear Fork Elementary zone. That campus has more capacity to absorb growth.

Redrawing this boundary line does not affect any current students--only those moving to the area in the future, and into new homes that are planned, but not yet built. This move is an effort to make a more equitable and efficient use of elementary school capacity in Lockhart.

Expansion of Bilingual Program to Navarro Elementary

A large group of our new students are English Language Learners. To best prepare for this growth, the district considered and analyzed different scenarios related to current Bilingual programming.

Next school year, the district will offer K-5 Bilingual services at Navarro Elementary School. Those students needing bilingual services living in the Navarro zone will now receive those services at their home campus.

Parents whose children are affected by this change will receive a letter from the district next week. Also, the district is arranging for a campus visit to Navarro Elementary in the next few weeks for these students to help with the transition.

Students needing K-5 bilingual services living in the Clear Fork and Bluebonnet zones will continue to receive those services at Bluebonnet Elementary.

Approval of 12 New Instructional Positions

With the unexpected student growth, the Board approved 12 new teaching positions for the 2017-2018 school year to meet the needs of our students. There are six teaching positions for elementary schools and six teaching positions to support the growth at Lockhart Junior High School. There were no new positions requested for Lockhart High School. The transition of the ML Cisneros Campus to LHS in 2017-2018 will allow for more efficiency in serving students on one campus rather than two.  

The Board of Trustees and district administration feel confident these options will make the most equitable and efficient use of our capacity to meet the needs of our students as well as prepare for the continued growth of our district. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at


Susan K. Bohn

Superintendent of Schools

Lockhart Independent School District

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