About Plum Creek Elementary

Plum Creek Elementary School is located in Lockhart, Texas, a town about 30 miles south of Austin, the state capital. There are about 515 students in grades 1-5 at our school.

Many things make our school special:

  • Our children and faculty are happy as we learn and teach.
  • Individualized Educational Programs for all students. Examples include:
    • Tutoring Program
    • Content Mastery labs
    • Talented and Gifted Program
    • Accelerated Readers Program
    • Music, PE and Technology classes
    • Nationally Recognized Student Council
    • National Elementary Honor Society
    • Plum Creek Garden Center
    • Multi-sensory Dyslexia Program
    • Student Goal Setting
    • Character Education Program
    • Mentor Program
    • Positive Behavior Systems
  • A strong commitment to effective communication
  • “Lions Roar” celebrations to reward student success and effort
  • Technology integration